Timing is everything…

'Let go and trust the universe'
‘Let go and trust the universe’

A good friend once told me, ‘everything is about timing’. If the universe wants things to happen, they will happen, at the right time.’ But how can we achieve this ‘timing’? Do we just sit and wait around until something happens? Or will there be a ‘light bulb’ moment, a divine sign, that would tell us, ‘it’s time?’

Some people have been blessed to have been at the right place at the right time. Rick Springfield once said, ‘If the timing’s right, and the Gods are with you, something special happens.’ I think that everyone has experienced this at some point in their lives- meeting your true love, or whether dropping the kids off to school, catching a public transport, or attending an interview-  everything, is about timing. If you’re late even for a few minutes, your entire day is suddenly misaligned and thrown into chaos….

If timing is not in your favour, just remember that in the grand scheme of things, everything happens for a reason. Perhaps, we just need to be optimistic about the circumstance. Every cloud has a silver lining. The important thing is that we live our lives in the best possible way we can.

Perhaps, we also must not settle for things or situations just because we think they’re the best we can get. Perhaps we need to learn to live in the moment and just grab every opportunity to learn something new . We sometimes have the tendency to let our hearts override our heads so let’s try not to let our emotions overtake our common sense. I know, it’s easier said than done, but we can try…..

Indeed, everything happens for a reason – and maybe the reason for this will become clearer to us in the future. And maybe, one day…..you never know. Perhaps in another life time, things will fall into place, when the timing is right.


To blog or not to blog……

October 12, 2015…..

Accidentally browsed through the ‘free’ wordpress.com site!  Why not? It got me at ‘free’. Ha ha! From what I have seen (and don’t shoot the messenger), people who write blogs are usually those that are either recuperating or about to die :{ … Hopefully, I’m just recuperating, and not the alternative- I am yet to tick boxes off my bucket list!

Several days of perpendicularly lying in bed ( I tell you what, ain’t easy, my entire derriere is mangled, I cannot wait to put them back in their place, lol!), all these pain killers and antibiotics slowly start to make you feel delusional (not to mention that I believe my liver has since grown twice in size!). I thought this morning I was hearing voices- turns out, I was just dreaming- within my dream- you know, just like that movie that Leo Di Caprio made a box office of (watchamacullit? Oh yes! ‘The Titanic’! just kidding, I know the title, it was ” Inception”  🙂 …

‘Nau-cited’ (nauseus + excited), stumbling into this site somehow made me get up , head downstairs, retrieve my laptop, slowly make my way up again and start typing gibberish stuff which I’m sure will make more sense to me the following day 🙂 Just really excited that I am able to write about things (sensible or not), this is such a great remedy….way, way ,better than my usual therapy (of impulse buying!)

Hoping tomorrow, I can write about love or food, or both? Depends on the mood I’ll be in, or the side effects of medication…….